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Hello! Welcome to my little home on the internet to talk all things education! On this page I share my recent educational blogs, behind the scenes of my life as a wedding and portrait photographer and information about my mentoring sessions.

I always find inspiration from reading other creatives stories so I shared mine: 

The Story Behind 1783 Photography

Mentoring sessions are a lot of fun! It might seem daunting to sit down and evaluate your business and you've probably been procrastinating it. If you are anything like me when I first started, you're probably staring at your computer waiting for the next inquiry to come in. Annoyed that you can't find your style and all your images look completely different. You're seeing all these other photographers get new client after new client and you're wondering what you're doing wrong. 

There are so many things I learned the hard way in my first few years of business that I wish someone could've taught me. There are plenty of resources out there with free education or expensive workshops that aren't geared towards those who have just started. Those who have so many ideas, hopes and goals but don't know where to turn when it's just not working.

I want to be that person I couldn't find and that person you might be looking for.

We'll go over your goals, your strengths and what you're having difficulty with. We'll take a look at your social media and website. How to get paying clients through social media and price yourself for portraits and weddings. 


We'll do a Q&A session where you can ask me anything and everything and then we'll take your headshots to end the evening! 

Fill out this contact form so I can learn more about you and your business, and we can get to work!

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