A print shop, with a purpose.  

My love for photography first came when I was 12, when  my Mom enrolled me in a black and white film class at the community college. She let me use her old Nikon camera and I would go into the backyard and take pictures of flowers and plants. My Mom loved to garden so I always had something to take a picture of. From then on, I always had a digital camera and would spend a lot of time in that yard where I really learned the basics of photography.

I've been told over the years that I should sell my photos or put them on greeting cards, but it wasn't ever logical to try and make a living off of nature or still life photography. There are thousands of photographers out there who do this and I know how impossible it can be. That's one of the reasons I never thought of photography as a job, until I realized that I could serve people with it like with weddings and portraits.

I wanted to do something different with these images though, something meaningful. 20% of every sale goes to a different charity or non profit every few months. Click on any of the collections below to see what this months charity is.

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